The Truth About NATLFED

June 16, 2014

More than just a side note

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Someone recently wrote and broached the subject of whom to blame.  This is somewhat atypical when discussing cults.  Most people know exactly who to blame — the cult.  After a sort of Q & A type correspondence, the writer was feeling emotionally drained because someone was blaming him for recruiting a specific person.  Well, someone recruited him, and before him that recruiter was recruited, so on and so forth.  What makes this particular group different from the “usual” discussions is the constant harassment of former members being targeted and blamed for recruiting specific persons.

Sure, you might see some of that with other groups.  However, this group under discussion has relatively low numbers in comparison to the big groups mentioned on various cult forums.  Yet it is a recurring form of targeted harassment perpetrated by persons who want nothing more than to punish the cult survivor.  Well, if it makes the perpetrator happy to let the cult keep on doing what it’s doing…

We continue to encourage readers to seek reliable sources for assistance.  The Ross site recently recovered lost forum conversations and database items.  The past is the past.  It’s time to start looking to the future.  Those struggling on a healing journey will not all take the same path at the same time.  There may be potholes or rocks, even the occasional detour.  If someone is looking to take you off the path altogether in an attempt to destroy your progress, that person is someone not interested in helping survivors.  We make the leap that such a person is helping the cult, whether intentional or not, and the smart person should recognize it’s time to go around the pothole.


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