The Truth About NATLFED

May 24, 2014

The Imperfect Blog

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Yes, a reference to the ups and downs, periods of intense activity to periods of diminished activity.  Did you think we stopped caring?  No.  It’s no secret that this blog caters to a relatively small group of persons with assorted interests in the topic.  If we were interested in making money off of the attempt, we could sell our gibberish and rants on various self-publishing web sites.  Someone once told us, “If you put a refrigerator on a curb with a free sign, no one will touch it; the second you stick a price tag on it (even $5.00), someone will want it.”  [Clearly, someone who doesn’t live in my neighborhood.]

Note: it was brought to our attention that we were being reckless with the refrigerator example for failing to note that the door must first be removed.  We thought that was implied.  In today’s litigious society, that should not be assumed.  We would never leave a refrigerator on a sidewalk with the door still attached for some person to get caught inside of it.

We continue to advise persons to do the research.  Yes, of course you’ll talk to the people “in it to win it” and get their side of the story.  Then you talk to others that dodged the proverbial bullet, those who were in it and learned what it really was, your fellow community members (opinions all over the place depending on donor, member, mooch, flake, saint, adversary), etc.

There are also the cult watch web sites, which have the added benefit of professional articles (whether or not you agree with the accuracy of their factual reports).  We still remember the trash can article, the neighbors complaining about the group going through their trash.  The neighbors though the group was spying on them, wanting to steal their identities.  Hardly.  The group simply didn’t want to waste the money on the fines that the city would impose for improperly bagged trash.  Not one of those neighbors triumphantly boasted to the press of over filling kitchen trash bags that leaked trails of wet “goop” all the way to the sidewalk and then hurling the bags onto the trash pile with such force that the bags exploded into a gooey blob.

We can only surmise why the lack of recent press articles on the group.  It’s a curiosity of the newspaper realm, you see, of writing articles and then having to retract those articles later once the reporters figured out “do the research.”  That kind of speaks to modern journalism because juicy stories sell.  Gooey blobs do not, by the way.


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