The Truth About NATLFED

May 4, 2014

If you don’t believe, then join.

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Argh!  Kind of like someone pulling away the football before I can kick it.

Someone contacted a former moderator, who in turn forwarded the communication to the blog.  That is kind of suspect in and of itself — that a person who has been unaffiliated with the blog for a couple of years is still being “tracked” and harassed.  We’re not going to say it was an apologist that made the contact.  The contact is more akin to someone touting all the good things that the front organizations are doing and we’re just a handful of old biddies committed to psychiatric wards.

For those of you unaware, the leadership did have several persons committed.  After several years of non-medical persons in the Organization playing doctor and handing out psych medications based on what they thought the PDR said, yes, a few suffered long-term effects from this type of abuse.  It started with the Old Man, of course, but the weekly shipments from the west coast included bulk containers of such medications.  Only one that we know of had legitimate issues before joining.  Recent rumors are unproven and suggest the practice continues.  If there is a legitimate psychiatric issue suspected, get the person to a licensed professional and stop reading the damn PDR.

There were, of course, those with legitimate medical issues that they were pressured to delay treatment for until it was too late.  Every faith has its martyrs.  The membership base (farm workers, service workers, etc.) inherently understand that the medical benefit is a sham.  Why else would people lacking health insurance avoid going to their local MBA to take advantage of one of the free benefits?  It’s been over forty years.

If you truly believe this blog is just a bunch of lies, that former members are unreliable sources, then by all means go ahead and sign up full-time with your local office.  Quit your job, give all of your possessions to the group, work sixteen hour days seven days a week 365 days a year.  You’ll find out for yourself, first hand.


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