The Truth About NATLFED

January 26, 2014

Finding what you need?

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It’s important to be able to make an informed decision and we always encourage that you do careful research.  Too often, cults rely on charisma to recruit to the ranks.  The initial pawns are set up with clever catch phrases or basic party lines to hook you; then the masterful manipulators reel you in to the group.

It’s not a quick thing.  In fact, if it happens too quickly, there is a distrust that the person must be a cop.  It takes three days of volunteering before you’re allowed to see the books.  How many of you have asked to?  Newspaper reporters have tried it, only to be turned away still because the reality is that you’ll never see the “real” books.

There are those who continue to document what happens.  A lack of recent press coverage is not an indicator that the group remains innocent.  It just means they’re not doing anything radical enough that entitles them to claim the hegemonic force in this country that’s going to “progressively change” things in favor of the DOP.

Even the colleges are giving up on them.  A failed college campaign to recruit fresh blood to the cadre ranks served as a bitter reminder of reality that those who fought hardest to build the group are either dead or long since left after the hypocrisy of the situation flared its ugly self with the death of the one that started it all.

We’ve never owned fur coats or ten thousand dollar diamond teardrop earrings.  Apparently, that’s supposed to be acceptable rather than the drug habits of the former.  Yet those monies and resources are still plucked from the same impoverished communities that the group claims to represent.


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