The Truth About NATLFED

January 11, 2014

Surviving the winter without joining a cult

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As predicted, the post-holiday season is one of desperation. Add to that a polar vortex and you know the poor are screwed over again. Reading the online articles, one can find a story of a deputy rescuing a dog whose paws were literally frozen to the ground. What about a family huddled around a kerosene heater trying to stay alive?

Tugging at the heartstrings, you feel compelled to pull out a dollar and hand it to the person with the bucket braving the cold weather as he or she talks about winter survival. Then the person asks you to sign up to volunteer. Even though the group has been in your community for forty-two years, you’ve never before heard of them. On the other hand, perhaps you have heard about the saints dedicating their lives to giving charity to the poor.

Yet that person will not tell you the hidden agenda of the group – not at that time. You will not learn of it until after hours upon hours of political education coupled with participation. You will feel yourself drawn in; knowing things are bad and wanting to do something about it.

This article is not to discourage you from volunteering with community groups. If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled across a blog that discusses a controversial group from the point of view of former members. We encourage you to continue with your research. Yes, this is biased.

There are established charities that provide relief efforts. You can see their financial statements. You can meet their board of directors. If you ask to see the books of your local NATLFED office, you will not be allowed to do so. If you look down the side of the letterhead at the members listed as organizing or advisory committee members, you will find that most of them are either cadre or dead activists.

The life of a cadre is difficult and we have discussed that in previous articles. If it’s charity that you want to offer, do the research.


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