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December 25, 2013

A grim holiday reflection

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As many of you know, the holidays are full of unrealistic expectations for a majority of the people. This particular time of year, the celebration of birth seems to have been replaced with consumerism run amok. The best that charities can do is trying to help bring forth Christmas feasts with presents for the poor.

I know of one man who was going to scale down his gift giving, as he wanted to do more for the poor. One son was only going to get a television. Another son was getting some kind of a game console. His daughter was getting her first car, used of course. As he explained his gifts, I quietly tabulated the costs in my head but had to try hard not to shake my head too hard. This guy was spending more on his gifts than I make in a month, and this was his idea of “scaling down” for the poor.

How did I meet this man? He was one of those holiday soup kitchen volunteers, the kind that shows up to make himself feel good for doing something for the poor. It’s probably the only time of year he can feign stomaching the poor and homeless.

Yes, some of us do continue with some efforts, albeit not as radical as our past experiences. The Christmas food baskets and toys distributions put to shame even the best that Suffolk used to manage so many years ago. I heard from one local where the entity managed to get out 150 food baskets and toys. Is that all? The entity boasts over 40,000 members. Even organized labor unions manage to get a turkey to all of their members. The entity managed a mere 3% of what one small church charity managed, and this small church did not achieve the numbers of the greater charities such as the food banks or the bell ringers et alia.

And tomorrow, the poor will still be poor, the soup still needs to be ladled into their bowls but the guy scaling down for the holidays will be gone. There is work to continue. The long winter months are ahead. Already, kids are going without because schools are on break and the free breakfast/lunch programs stopped for the hiatus.

Those who work these programs are not saints. Well, okay, one or two really are despite the lack of accreditation from Rome. Their agenda is open and their hearts are pure.

We advocate that you do the research because there are those out there who will fleece you, particularly at the holidays. This does not mean you should forget charity, for that is still important. Alms have been around for centuries. There are those who might take advantage of your charities for a greater purpose that they won’t openly declare to you, and this will jade you toward future efforts once you finally open your eyes.

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, remember there are those dreading it because they can’t afford the costs to heat their homes. The New Year approaches and your kind will make resolutions that you know you will not keep. Don’t worry – many fail to keep their promises including the promises that were first made in 1971 (some of you will daresay it was 1972 but we won’t quibble over the original date if that will put your mind at ease).

One of the kids was talking about the zombie apocalypse. Maybe it’s time to worry about things that are real rather than imagined.


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