The Truth About NATLFED

December 8, 2013

Surviving the winter without the cult

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Because of the housing market, there are a number of abandoned homes in the neighborhood. One of the neighbors saw some people breaking into a house and called the police. These were not vandals. They were a modern family unit (boyfriend/girlfriend and kids from current and previous relationships). Their possessions meager, they had been homeless for a while.

They just did not have enough money and fell behind in the rent until eventually they were evicted. The did the couch surfing routine, trying to get back on their feet again but feeling shame at “bumming” off the generosity of friends so they went to a motel. Some incident at the motel forced them out into the streets and it was just too damned cold to camp out in tent city. It was negative double-digit temperatures. They were desperate.

They did not want to go to the shelter again, where most of their possessions had been stolen. They heard about squatting, where people just move into abandoned homes until someone catches them. They hoped no one would notice their presence, just long enough until the parents could save up enough money for a deposit on a rental place.

Now, the neighbor was well within his civic responsibility to call the police. Even learning the circumstances, however, did not warm his heart to the plight of this family. It made little difference that the father had a minimum wage job and the mother was drawing unemployment. Despite child support orders in place, the mother never saw any – not even at tax refund time (it is hard to collect if the person does not work or works under the table). In his eyes, those people were not working hard enough to provide for their family.

You are drawn into this story. It is all too familiar. Some jerks born with silver spoons will take the side of the neighbor, not caring that unemployment remains high while jobs are exported overseas and flipping burgers for less than 30 hours a week to keep your happy meal cheap seems to be preferred.

It is a “better” story because there is enough appeal to those who know one short paycheck could force them into the same circumstances. The cult exploits this story to get your money and your time to “do” something about it. Forget about public forums like Facebook or Twitter – people are starting to get a little distrustful of the public pleas of injustice after another recent incident of someone who might have made up a story.

The cult organizations call it their winter survival campaign.

This story happened in a city where there is a NATLFED affiliate. Where was the local group? Why were these people not members? They were members, you see, but the organization fell short on its job referral benefit (the job board was empty), had some stale bread in the emergency food cupboard, emergency housing not even a real benefit and the clothes – when did the locals start charging mandatory fees for clothes?

It took some understanding police officer making a few calls and helping the family get to a church that had some resources. Fortunately, for the family, it was not one of those stuck up churches that turn away sinners such as unmarried persons. (You know what we mean – there are churches that will throw the first stones personally engraved with their hypocrisies.).

The local group was not dissuaded from its lack of actions. Having done nothing, they tell the story and still benefit from it. You can blame the economy, make grandiose statements about “progressive change” but the bottom line is that the group did nothing to help this family. A cadre will argue that the long-term solution is not ready yet because people are unwilling to do a damn thing and that is the reason for the declining program.

If your members are dying, you can make up whatever excuse you want. You have been at it 42 years and you are no closer than you were from Day One. Some would even argue on Day One the group was farther ahead than it is today. So much for one-step forward, two steps backwards.

What of the family? Currently relying on a charitable effort. The church has a member who has been unable to rent a home for a while, hoping to bring in enough rent to satisfy the mortgage payments. He has been taking the loss, draining his savings. He decided that some income was better than no income. With a family living in the house, at least he would not have to worry about the pipes freezing and the father agreed to help do some fix up around the place.

Do not be fooled. It is still not a permanent solution for the family. The landlord will one day be forced to make them move when he can no longer afford to supplement the difference to meet the mortgage. Some of you are going, “Boo hoo, if he can afford two houses then who cares?” He cannot sell the place; we all know the housing market.

Do the research. A band-aid is better than no aid coupled with rhetoric.

PS: Do not offer to send money or resources to this blog. At least we admit we are not in a position to do something for a family hundreds of miles away. Look within your communities and contribute locally. There are families in just as dire straights as this particular family.


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