The Truth About NATLFED

November 24, 2013

As the season is the reason

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Still contributing to food baskets and such for the upcoming holiday? Everyone’s doing it, at least everyone with a conscience and a few dollars. There are some people with lots of dollars who just don’t give a damn, taking the Scrooge mentality.

Pardon my absence lately, but it is November and those in the know understand what it’s like scrambling to get 50K (words, not dollars, you greedy you-know-whats) compiled in a document. Now if I can just figure out the upload process…

Seriously, many charities depend on this time of year to generate the revenues and resources that will see them through the winter slump, the doldrums, the time of freezing temperatures, skyrocketing fuel prices, winter layoffs and (for some) cardboard boxes.

Keep doing the research. There are many groups with questionable backgrounds or agendas that wish to take advantage of your good intentions.

The e-mail has been a little quiet lately except for the usual spam. Perhaps the forays onto the campuses have stalled, kids too accustomed to whipping out cellphones and doing a Google search.

Now it’s time for the churches and other charities to do the research.


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