The Truth About NATLFED

November 11, 2013

You can tell them you read some stuff if you want

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My cat looked at me and said, “I’m the sanest one in the house, you know.”

Yeah, he’s probably right.

If your local cult is calling you to ask you to volunteer this holiday season, you can choose to pick up the phone or not.  It’s up to you.  I was recently relating a story of being given a stack of “NI” cards — not interested persons — to call.  About once or twice a year, the local office would call through those cards in case persons changed their minds.  The holidays were a good time as people felt more charitable.

If you post stuff on the web that’s negative, some apologist will sooner or later set about the task of trashing you.  That’s why it’s so hard to get new authors for this blog, at least ones that are willing to put their name to the item in public.  Yes, I take the blame for what other people write and love it when someone accuses me of having DID.  Idiots, there really are other persons involved but you don’t want to believe us…

If it’s charity you want to offer, there are groups accountable to the public.  You can see their financial records, you can see their sponsors, there is no hidden agenda.

Pick up the phone or not — the choice is yours.  You know what you’re strong enough to handle and even if you “screw it up” you’ll learn from the experience.  Hopefully, you won’t screw it up.  Master manipulators seem to know how to turn brains into scrambled eggs.

Meanwhile, my cat can’t get out of the paper bag he just found.  And he’s the sane one?


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