The Truth About NATLFED

October 30, 2013

What is the word of the day?

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Trust.  Who do you trust and why?  The days of the simple handshake are long gone, something the kids don’t even understand, because the honest handshake has been replaced by the con man’s charming snake oil handshake.

That is a big issue in forums.  If you can’t trust someone, especially in a private forum, what happens?  Moderators ban people who re-broadcast discussions from private forums to public audiences.  This blog is no different.

We are not in a position to help you find a friend you once knew from back in the seventies.  Hire a private investigator.  Chances are, if they haven’t bothered to contact you then they don’t want contact with you.  We just don’t understand why there is sudden pressure to “use” us like that.

As for Florida, well, the people who contacted us expected us to go riding in on a white horse to scoop out their daughter.  Go back to your condo and hire a private investigator to do that — not that any legitimate PI would, because kidnapping is a crime even when the person is in a cult.  Ross site will tell you of the cultist that was kidnapped and subsequently sued the parents.

Keep doing the research.  There are people using the social media to air grievances about cults and false front organizations.

If you see a T-Rex, what are you going to do?  Run, you idiot, or he’ll eat your ass.


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