The Truth About NATLFED

October 29, 2013

Well, guess it’s time to close the door

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I suppose if you’re not interested in an e-mail correspondence, it’s time to say our farewells and put an end to this little game that you seem intent on playing.  I just don’t have the time I used to, nor the moderator manpower of the earlier days.

Get out of NATLFED while you can.  It’s a cult, can’t you see that?  Or is it that you’re so far in it that you refuse to see it?

My tweets are protected because over the years persons affiliated with this blog learn from experience.  I remember when someone set up an account right after someone else, began tweeting the same things, fooled people into thinking they were following that person.  Then bam!  Started tweeting a bunch of stuff including “self confessions” of pretty sick stuff.

If you’re so desperate to see the tweets, you’re just going to have to send an e-mail.  If you truly believe you have “earth shattering” information on who is really HB, you can send it that way.  I can’t send you a DM because you’re still blocking me, so now it’s time I do the same to you.


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