The Truth About NATLFED

October 17, 2013

The Two Way Words

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We all know the routine by the famous comedian George Carlin and the 7 words.  He also talks about the two-way words.

This relates to the jargon of the Organization, and sometimes we forget that when we’re discussing a subject, we’re stuck in the mindset of referring to something using that jargon and some people are like, “Huh?”

The prosecutor asked, “What does MF stand for?”  The cadre on the stand gave a classic definition from The Essential Organizer for Master File.  The prosecutor should have added, “What ELSE does MF stand for?”  But he didn’t, and the cadre was relieved he did not have to honestly answer that unasked “part two” with a reply of Military Fraction.

CDR — ask any cadre and they’ll tell you it represents the systemic code for Cadre System.  That’s another two-way — it also stands for Committee to Defend the Revolution.

NATLFED is abbreviated NATLFED just like that — all capital letters.  National Labor Federation.  National Liberation Front.  NLF is a little more obvious of a connection, but that is deliberately “obscured” within NATLFED.  People who weren’t really in the group sometimes abbreviate it as NatLFed, which is wrong.  And those pretending they’re not in the group do the same.

If you get lost in the conversation, it’s probably because we’ve forgotten we’re using the group’s jargon, which has specific meanings to those on the inside.  And yes, it comes across weird to normal persons.  Just ask us to clarify and we’ll gladly do so.

The jargon is relevant to the group.  It’s also typical for groups appearing on cult watch lists, to have a jargon, to have words with special meanings intended for those on the inside.

As a side note, someone recently told me that the group never robbed banks to jump-start its funding in the early days; that was just a “bedtime story” to engage young, gullible cadre.  Seeing how those that were there are mostly dead, we can neither confirm or deny those rumors.

Keep asking questions.  Keep doing the research.


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