The Truth About NATLFED

October 13, 2013

Scared off the college kids — now what?

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Well, what an interesting start to fall term around the various college campuses.  We can only speculate there was a NATLFED campaign to increase cadre recruitment by plucking the bright kids from the various campuses.  But then those kids took to a tool they use all the time — the internet.  They found this blog and a bunch of other places on the web including the Ross site.

Some of our favorite quotes by the kids include:

“*&^#ed up!  They sleep in their offices!”

“They want me to give up my cell phone.  No way!”

“They’re worse than Robin Hood.  They take from the poor and give to the unemployed organizers.”

“They talk a good thing but typewriters?  Get with the times.”

“Why are they afraid of the internet?”

Now, a NATLFED organizer would clearly retort to these “favorite quotes” by saying there is nothing “political” about them.  You’re absolutely right.

Who is old enough to remember the computer term GIGO?  Garbage in, garbage out.  If you feed them a bunch of bull, those are the kind of comments you’re going to get back.  We did have a couple of folks tell us about their experiences, of course quantified with the “do not dare post this to your blog” that seems to be a favorite of those recently burned by the group.  (If it gets posted here, the group loving apologist will counter-post to her blog and “out” the conversation participants.).

People just want to walk away, not wanting the stigma of NATLFED following them around for as long as the internet has archives.  We get that.  For a group so afraid of the internet, they sure have come a long way with their brave apologetics site that seems to do them more damage than good.

We digress.  The kids are turning tail and not buying the bull.  What about YOU?  That’s right — you that give them clothes, food, money, time, etc.  You think you’re helping poor people.  You’ve been helping poor people for forty-three years (starting with the first group on the Island) and every year the pleas become more desperate.  They’re saving lives.  Read the obituaries and tell us about the lives not being saved.  Read the sidebar articles about unidentified persons found frozen to death in abandoned houses.

You can choose to support the group or not, even knowing the purported goals that have been espoused the last forty-three years.

One of the original founders of this blog originally proposed an idea that was so hair-brained it drew the snickering of other former cadre.  It was a plan to organize a campaign in each of the areas with a mutual benefits association whereby the members would be spurred to go to the offices on the same day demanding benefits.

Think about it.  Some of the associations boast a membership of over forty thousand.  Not that you could get all forty thousand members in the office all on the same day.  Take into account the inflated figures of those numbers, those that died (lots of them due to poverty), those that thought they were going to get something but didn’t, etc.

Even if just a couple of thousand walked into each of the offices, or even just a few hundred.

It would send a statement throughout NATLFED as well as the communities they purport to serve.  They can’t deliver the promised benefits program.  THAT’S the flypaper, as so eloquently stated by Jeff with The Public Eye article.  Without the benefits program, members aren’t attracted, donors see no real reason to donate, there’s no reason to set foot in the door.  And they’re forced to re-think their game.

But it won’t happen.  There isn’t enough of an anti-NATLFED movement to organize such a feat.  So the poor will keep begging what scraps of food they can get as well as tattered clothes, knowing that the group does not deliver on the legal benefit or the medical benefit (except very rarely).

If you let them draw you in, sooner or later they will start espousing Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao.  If you stay on the fringes, you still lend credibility to them that they are for real.  They are as real as the imaginary conversations we were once criticized for holding with ghosts.

So get ready as they side up to you to organize trick or treat for service workers (or farm workers etc.), Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas baskets, toy distributions, etc.

And for those of you that believe Thanksgiving is a day of mourning, we agree.  Our forefathers committed the atrocities yet we still benefit from those actions.


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