The Truth About NATLFED

September 2, 2013

The poor are poor because they are poor

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Why are the poor so scorned by those “of sufficient means” who feel that the poor deserve their fate?  Those who used to be of sufficient means now find themselves struggling to make ends meet.  Some manage to climb out of the gutter through marriage or grit.

All it takes is one tragedy of circumstance for the scorner to become the scorned.  If you are fooling anyone, it is yourself.  So enjoy your cruises while you can or maybe your luck will continue until it’s time to go into a nursing home when those that you once took care of decided they were unwilling or unable to reciprocate the deed.  Dangle the money carrot all you want; sooner or later you won’t have that carrot and you’ll discover what it’s like to be abandoned and forgotten.

There is nothing that divides families more readily than squabbling over who gets the possessions of those that depart this life.  Stand aside, the alpha dog always wins but rarely through honesty.  It is all about who can screw over the other guy.

That is why those of super means decide to take a flying leap out of a window when they lose everything.  They do not want to be like the rest of us.  Ah, what a curious scenario.

The poor remain prey.  Who really wants a job flipping burgers for twelve hours a week?  Why not just quit?  The company does not want full-time employees – then they would have to cough up benefits.  Talk to anyone that ever did that routine and you will hear the same thing.

It is not just profiteers that seek to exploit the poor.  Those that claim to champion their cause exploit them just the same.  Some really try to make a difference with their food distributions.  Who will get a turkey for Thanksgiving?  We hope that the churches have realized the scams to avoid.  After all, they did all the work to procure all of the food and resources – why should some front claim the glory of giving it to those that showed up for the two-week period before the holiday to get theirs?

Of course, the poor will play the game and make the rounds to whatever food closets are open.  It is not enough what any one location will give.  Give the turkey.  Trust us – they are not going to send it to some safe house hundreds of miles away but your dollars could end up anywhere.

Do not let the exploiters rip off your communities while they glibly make false promises.

If you want to have some fun, ask one of these con artists – when WILL you make the change?  Not how – WHEN.  Even the Old Man set a date and when it failed, he set another.  Curious that the group now takes the position of the passive change, when it happens it will happen.  There is just something about failed dates that certify a group as cult.

No funny tasting fruit drink for this group – not as long as those at the top continue to profit from the misery of those they purport to lead.


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