The Truth About NATLFED

August 24, 2013

When all is said and done we’re still here too

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Did you ever get one of those e-mails that totally crept you out to the point of messing with your sleep?  Yes, this is a personal post about a very recent contact who was reading some things posted elsewhere.

I think most people know that Day 1 of Donna posting her apologetic’s blog changed the very nature of  the discussion of cults, in particular one group that she is passionate about defending through exposing former members as “liars” or “mentally unstable” persons.

I took the stand of opting NOT to read it.  This was more than “plausible deniability” — just because it addresses the subject doesn’t mean it’s worth a crap.  Many former members went to it, caught up in the fascination of what they thought they were learning as truth about other former members.  Only after a person realized they were next to get burned by Donna did they finally call it for what it was: NATLFED’s doing.

The recent contact from a person struggling to find answers about the Boston group seemed normal at first.  We exchanged a few e-mails, questions and answers, additional explanations — pretty typical stuff.  Then things went sideways in one single e-mail that was like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  It would seem that supposed relatives were preparing to fly 3,000 miles to have me mentally committed and Donna was joining them to bask in the glow of this glorious event.

I do believe a text phrase sums it up the best: WTF?

It begs the question of where the hell is this coming from?  There were rumors of inheritances waiting for me in Maryland, Ohio and New York — why wasn’t I going to claim them?  To be perfectly honest, I had heard about the house in Maryland but it was bequeathed to the children of the fourth wife.  I remain clueless about Ohio and New York, well, there wasn’t anything there despite what Donna alleged.

What’s it got to do with Boston?  Not a damn thing.  It’s one of those discussions that eventually takes the Red Herring Trail.

If, according to Donna, all former members are so mentally unstable after their experience in NATLFED — should you even consider joining the group that you think isn’t really a cult?  Well, the question did come back with an answer.  Only raving lunatics go on the web to espouse their views.  That makes little sense — if you’re looking on the web for answers, then you don’t really expect to find them because in your eyes everything is produced by raving lunatics, even Donna.  That led to another discussion about lack of education.  I guess I finished college for nothing, being so uneducated that I am.

The conversation took another sideways note — passwords to blog articles.  Last time this blog site used password protected articles was sussing out who the hell was leaking information from the Yahoo group.  Yes, that was when moderators discovered that Donna had signed up claiming to be a former cadre wanting to help write blog articles.  She did want to write blog articles, just for her blog and to expose former cadres.  Her real identity was to be “kept secret” but not anyone who spoke up about the group.

I was trying to figure out where all of this was coming from and then I realized it was the time of year colleges are taking in new students, the entities are probably gearing up for fresh blood recruitment and this site in their eyes needed to be neutralized.  College kids are hopefully smart and do research.  Google is now a verb.  Let’s conjugate it in the present tense: I Google, you Google, he/she/it Google, we Google, you (plural) Google, they Google.

It’s like a backed up plumbing system — the old crap you thought was flushed away is coming back.  Quick — grab the plunger!

Boston wasn’t really interested in finding out about the group.  At least, that was my conclusion.  Or maybe he was and got drawn into the cesspool of venomous posts written by someone who loves her Organization so much she will write fantastic claims of having former members committed to mental institutions.

You all do know that the Organization did that, right?  When Margaret took over, it was “better fewer but better” as persons were kicked out left and right.  A couple were dropped off at Bellevue after years of being medicated by persons reading a PDR administering psychiatric medications procured on the west coast and airlifted to the national office.  It never did make sense as to why doctors would donate psychiatric drugs.  Someone once claimed a former member doctor left behind a prescription pad.

The good news is that no one’s coming to “commit me”.  Someone did tell me that about three years ago Donna made this fantastic claim.  Where is it coming from today?  If three years ago I was committed, who’s been moderating the articles?  An interesting contradiction as I’m supposed to be “the only one” writing this crap, using different names because of “DID” and alter-egos (Jekyll/Hyde) and all that stuff.

The good news is that time has proven us still here.  Personally, when relatives are out to commit other relatives to mental institutions when inheritances are being discussed, I think the motivation is pretty damn clear.  Any smart lawyer knows it too.  The discussions did take a dark turn that could upset anyone, rehashing that old Donna stuff.

As the former members continue to grow old, some do die.  This has led to another incredible claim of “killing off characters” in a dime store novel.  Mary died three years ago but apparently I killed her off in my twisted reality.  If she wasn’t real, just a figment of the imagination, why the hell did the family fight over who deserved to inherit?  It tore the family apart.  The only one who got anything was the husband and the son.  Long lost cousins were SOL along with siblings, half-siblings, fake siblings, et al.  Ah, but that’s an invention too!  So says the witty comeback from the loyal adherent pretending to be against the group.

There was one thing that never sat right with me.  If Donna was so interested in seeing to the welfare of former members, why were so many trashed?  The psychological abuse was incredible!  Normal people don’t do that.  Why would someone so against the group make fantastic claims of wanting to see former members committed to mental institutions?

My conclusion is my own, perhaps shared by others.  I called BS over three years ago when I found out from a trusted source that Donna was in the Organization and tasked with discrediting former cadres.

Don’t look at the colleges to warn those impressionable kids — the group WANTS to recruit them!  That is why this BS is coming up again.

If you were once in it to win it, don’t you think you have an obligation to warn others?  Or did Donna so terribly beat you down with her psychological and mental abuse that you’re done, not going to do it anymore?

If this article seems a little too personal for you, imagine my feelings of having some person that I’ve never met claiming to know who and what I am after having learned all about me from someone trying to recruit him into the cult.  If anyone doubts the Reconnection Railroad, it does still operate.

Donna would have you believe it doesn’t work because of some person, won’t say who he is, looking for someone that was in the group back in the 1970s that left, the person was some kind of a friend and why can’t the railroad help find that person who appears to be lost?  Gives you a headache just trying to figure it all out.

Idiot — if your friend wanted to hook back up with you after he left back in the 1970s, wouldn’t he have sought you out long time ago?  That was over thirty years ago and you’re just looking for him now?

The quality of writing has deteriorated, I do admit that.  I was looking at stuff I had written before the plagiarism accusation and the latter stuff.  I was actively being mentored by a professor, the quality of my work was improving and then an agent had a prospective deal.  You all know what happened next.  Someone contacted the publisher and cried plagiarism.  Didn’t matter that I proved the novel through electronic copyright was mine, publishers have more important things to do than mess around with aspiring authors in the face of plagiarism claims.

The book didn’t even have anything to do with the group.  I know, there’s been discussion about the one book for sale that I did have a hand in contributing to, but that was not what was on the table for consideration.  Let’s talk about that one book that is for sale — one person was given rights to distribute it, no request for royalties, I don’t see a dime and don’t want a dime.  I always thought it was badly written, definitely not a finished product, but someone else wanted to go forth and publish it to the web.

This kind of brings me back to the subject of alter egos, because if I’m really Diane and I’m saying only one person had permission to distribute the book — why are you getting it from someone else that doesn’t have permission to distribute the book?  Oh, it’s giving me another headache just trying to figure out the circuitous reality that Donna has crafted.

Yeah, I know, someone once said Donna was also my alter ego, another split personality.  Where in the hell does this crap come from?

The book deal never came to fruition and my mentor abandoned me.  It was a blow.  Who would want to hurt me?  Who indeed?

Despite all of that, this blog is still here and yes, some of the trolls try to get in but even more importantly there are real persons asking real questions about a group that appears on numerous cult watch lists.  Yes, Donna is still running around calling everyone crazy but not one person she has claimed would be mentally institutionalized has been.  This is as mad as two former cadres getting into arguments over petty things like who chickened out in 1984 rather than concentrating on what needs to be done.

Yes, the former members remain divided.  Congratulations, Donna, on divide and conquer.  I haven’t heard from you in a very long time but I have heard from you quite recently.  I guess I’m not the only one that suffers “alter egos.”

I do accept one criticism and that is my refusal to approve comments in moderation from Donna.  Pretty much if the e-mail comes back daemon then it’s from Donna.  Interesting how at one point that was supposed to be her real name; also interesting that she had the same initials as Diane.

If this blog is too much for you — go to Ross.  His site is up and running, aside from a glitch in the forums (two years of discussions were lost so HEY Donna you might be able to start up your crap again with the boo hoo about your sibling and get yourself again banned).

Emotionally drained…need coffee…time to recharge.

Get up off of your asses and do the research.  This isn’t the only blog but apparently it’s the only one where discussions continue.


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