The Truth About NATLFED

August 22, 2013

The Truth About This, That and the Other Thing

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When you’re down to one semi-active moderator and a few guest writers, you’re not likely to see a large quantity of articles every day.  Sometimes, the articles come out bad-a-bing bad-a-boom and other times there is a lull.

Someone needs to remember this is about warning people of a cult.  It’s been said by one person that the various blog authors and contributors continue to work for NATLFED.

We do not work for NATLFED.  We used to, and you’ve read some of the stories.  We fail to understand why one person wishes for you to believe we are in NATLFED.  What is the purpose of blogging against a group that you’re working in?

On a more personal note, I do not care what is your IP address.  I am not like the original owner of this blog, who found it a fascinating curiosity researching every IP hit.  Well, let’s clarify that a bit better.  I do care if you claim to be in New Jersey but your IP shows you in France and for that I have to rely on the hand dandy map for that V8 moment.

There is only one person banned from comments.  I suppose that is why the rash of comments coming in from someone who calls me a liar yet every e-mail account she uses does not work.  I don’t bother posting the comments.

Everyone who reads this blog knows that we have been accused of lying, not just me but others who contribute.  Look at it like this — if this is all a bunch of lies, do you still want to join an organization that produces screwed up people like us?

There has been discussion about a book for sale.  I am not selling any book.  It is true that a book is posted on Scribd for the sole purpose of preserving its electronic copyright in the event that was necessary to prove.  Distribution rights have been given to one person representing PGMP and yes, there are sales occurring, but no one working with this blog reaps any monetary benefit.

Perhaps it needs to be stated.  If someone else is giving you copies of this book for free, you’re definitely getting a copy that was distributed without permission of the authors and who knows what that person may have done to that copy.

There is no money to be had.  I am not entitled to anything in Maryland, the children of the fourth wife saw to that.  Sending me notes to contact some agency to “get my fair share” is a wild goose chase, a red herring.  Nor are any others entitled to Maryland inheritance except those children.

I think people are tired of the disruptions in the community.  If you try to discuss NATLFED, that one voice always seems to find the forum and cry foul, calls everyone a liar except himself and he is so holier-than-thou that he walks on water as he says he’s going to call the cops on you.

That’s about the easiest way to break up the forums, it seems.  The paranoia continues long after participation.  Just remember that no ten-year old girl seduces a thirty year old man, but it is quite sad when someone believes this.  You need more help than I.

I was never sexually abused as a child.  I don’t know where that came from but as for physical abuse the only scars that remain are a long-healed broken rib as well as a middle finger (yes, I probably provoked that injury but when you’re five years old you don’t know what it means to give someone the finger) and whatever trace evidence might remain from a few concussions.

I am as normal as can be expected.  I am as normal as I believe myself to be.  There is a difference between madness and insanity.

You should continue to use the resources on the Ross site.  He’s still transitioning, so be patient.

As for the request from the funk, I’m not inclined to consider it without e-mail correspondence.  My request continues to be “pending”.  I will ask the same question as last time there was correspondence some two years ago — who are you looking for?  Not once has that information been provided.  You said it was someone who was in the Organization back in the 1970’s, you scoffed our ability to help and then you made fun of us for not giving you money.

Someone once made fun of me for protecting tweets.  I can’t but help noticing that you do the same.  I don’t think that you’re really the band because bands want publicity.  I’ve watched some of the demos and I will not apologize for trying to get through it.  It’s not my type of music.  I was trying to understand you better and then I had an epiphany that you were not them.

What is your love of money?  Are you one of those people who slips inside a grocery store and thinks, “This might be the big fat cash cow; keep groaning.”  Did you get anything from Maryland?

It must bother you to not know me.  When you’re ready to collaborate, post a comment.  If you want to just say this is all a bunch of lies, use an e-mail account that is active.

Some things might not be accurately reflected.  Memories start to falter, people disagree with how things happened.  It’s been three years since a dear friend parted this world and to think that you dare say she was a figment of the imagination!  An alter ego, a dirty shirt to be tossed out with the bath water.

How little you understand.  Maybe it’s time to bury this hatchet once and for all IF it is your aim to help others shut down a dangerous cult.

I’ll be checking the spam.  I’d rather not, all those nasty e-mails in there, but I’m not educated like you.  Good night.


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