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August 19, 2013

He didn’t meet with the famous actor

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Why did the Old Man not bother to meet the famous actor?

This is a valid question concerning one of the earliest blog postings called Recollections – which starts out describing the time that several cadres went to lunch with a very famous actor.  We didn’t mention the actor’s name because the event was so trivial in his eyes that he’s probably long forgotten the luncheon.  As well, there is no wish to besmear his good name with a ‘bullet burn’ encounter with a cult.

Yes, indeed, the actor is famous – several high-profile movie roles, television series including one of his own, a former SAG president, Broadway…

How come not one single representative from the highest ranks met with this man?  Why was such a meeting entrusted to very young persons with limited experience?

The short answer: we don’t really know with any certainty.  We can speculate, but that’s about it.  If that satisfies your curiosity, you need not read further.

It kind of started as boasting, perhaps, on the part of Lee.  We don’t remember how.  His agenda was expanding his organization, the Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery (CAPS), a group that he and others had built prior to his recruitment to the Organization.  The Old Man sometimes thought Lee was full of shit with his claims.

Lee said he knew the actor and had his personal phone number.  He was going to invite the man to lunch.  He was given the go-ahead, perhaps the Old Man thinking it was the calling of the bluff but lo and behold, Lee called the actor, reached him on the first try to set up the lunch date.

How come very junior cadres went to lunch with such a potentially important contact?  The Organization often boasted of having a collection of important contacts including judges, famous artists, etc. – this was an opportunity to add one more notch.

We’ve heard the luncheon characterized a couple of different ways, including that the actor was interested but distantly so.  The crème de la crème, the pièce de résistance – the cadres reported that the actor didn’t seem to have remembered Lee, that he agreed to the meeting because the call came in on his private line that he didn’t give out to the public and he was trying to remember the group.  There was no further contact with this famous actor.  It concluded with the waiter bringing the actor the check and he paid for lunch despite the protests of the organizers that argued they had invited him and they were prepared to pay for lunch.

There are a couple of speculative theories on why the Old Man did not personally take charge and go out on the luncheon date with such a highly important person.

1) He once met the actor  while wearing a different shirt, one that had gotten dirty [this is code for having had to change his identity because he did something incriminating, once a name got dirty you changed it like a shirt, sometimes several times a year or even daily].  This is a somewhat romantic notion of why the Old Man didn’t go on the lunch.

2) He was just too damn sick.  Well, some would argue that wasn’t necessarily true.  When Antonio was in town and the red trade union family from the west coast, he flitted about town in his limousine, unhampered by the wheelchair or even the need to get his fix (shots).

3) He flat-out just wanted to see Lee fail and lacked interest in making any effort to help it succeed.  The ultimate pissing contest, if you will.

What else?  We don’t know.  Chime in if you know of another speculative theory.

Therefore, whatever the excuse, that leads us to the next question.  Why did he not send someone capable of adequately representing the Organization, i.e., a person with enough seniority and history that a serious attempt at recruitment or fundraising could have been made?  The kids that went were under 25, except for Lee of course, recruited out of WPC and never spent a day in the field.  Okay, so they did PRO runs in the metropolitan area – not the same thing.

The speculation on why is very limited.

1) He flat-out just wanted to see Lee fail and lacked interest in making any effort to help it succeed.  (Déjà vu we said that earlier.).

2) Maybe he really DID want to see if Lee could pull it off, and you know, you have to be impressed that Lee had that private phone number in the first place, the actor personally answered the phone, agreed to lunch and showed up.  However, the closing?  What happened?  They didn’t close the deal, so this opened the door to some ridicule that Lee suffered.

We’re sure that the youngsters that went on this lunch have no clue they might have been pawns in the game playing that often occurred.  That game is properly identified as manipulation, and there was a lot of it during those days – nothing that compares to what’s going on today.  They were excited that they were the ones who got to meet this famous actor.  It didn’t matter that they cleaned up nicely.  They did not close the deal.

That’s the best response we can muster.  Anyone that was there (we know who went, so no trying to BS us) can opt to chime in with their two cents.


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