The Truth About NATLFED

August 6, 2013

Paranoia — such a friend!

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There seems to be a lot of blame on who recruited whom into the movement. Curious, how outsiders know of such things, when these things are rarely discussed in public or private forums. It’s suspicious – are you going through the dossiers looking for whatever information you can glean?

When you program a computer and it does what you programmed it to do, well, do you blame the computer when it doesn’t do what you want or should you blame the programmer?

Some of the really old timers will object to such a comparison because they believe in the early days it was about changing things for the better. Yes, they were the ones intent on making it happen. So close, yet it didn’t.

We’ve discussed the various theories as to the WHY it didn’t happen – cowardice, lack of conviction, lack of preparation on ALL fronts, whatever you believe then insert here. New Jersey was ready to go, as was Suffolk; but there were others NOT ready, waiting to use as a crutch those that were ready. Some who were supposed to do certain things simply chose not to, or were ordered not to – it remains controversial.

Get it out of your head that you were recruited by a single person. Chances are, that one person you’re blaming isn’t even IN the group any longer. You were recruited by an organization. There were very few instances of a singular departure that caused worry of a mass of departures. We only know of one where there was such a worry, when the three founders of the west coast efforts abandoned their posts and left. Yes, the fear of losing an entire coast seemed real enough to the remaining leadership.

So why are you trying to take down individuals? Shouldn’t you be trying to take down the organization? Nay, verily, that doesn’t suit your purpose. Let us remember that it is the organization that chooses to take down individuals it considers enemies, and every former cadre is a viable target.

If you hear someone blaming so-and-so for recruiting such-and-such and that someone wants your help to discredit so-and-so – you’re probably talking with a loyal adherent of the group. No reasonable person would want to squeeze blood out of a rock. It’s interesting that the most vocal of “viable targets” suffer the worst of it, which scares the hell out of the others so much so that they stand mute.

Don’t run while the sheep dog rounds you up, for the wolves will pick you off one by one – the Anatolian shepherd stands his ground and protects you. It’s true. Wolves can pick off ten or twenty sheep while the herd runs. The Anatolian will stand his ground and chase away the wolves. Look it up on the internet.

It’s apparently time for another round of harass-the-former-cadres. Either someone is off his or her meds or bloggers are making an impact on recruitment campaigns. All anyone has to do is Google it and see all the crap that comes up in the search engines. Then you reconsider your options.

Hurricane season is here. Yes, if or when something hits, people will need help. You know what you should do – research! There are groups out there providing band-aid solutions but at least you know that walking in the door. There’s no hidden agenda.


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