The Truth About NATLFED

July 21, 2013

Someone had a bad day

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Gotta admit that the last post about the ass alert was a little snarky.  Just to clarify a point — most people do not want to leave comments; instead, they want to start e-mail conversations and that’s okay.  This past week the correspondence was unusually high and dealing with some stuff that was buried in ancient Suffolk.

Some of the stuff wasn’t too bad and the actual breath of genuine interest was refreshing.  But to get some burnt out former ranting and raving about the stuff being wrong — challenged the loser to write it “right” — and then the e-mail account closed.  That’s enough to piss off anyone.  Stand your ground, man.  You say you’re right, we’ll post your article correcting ours.  What don’t you like about the WROC?

For that matter, the cry of wolf — we, er, mean, help — in Atlantic City has returned.  I dunno — I would have figured these people would have moved on by now.  Let’s face it: those who collaborate with this effort just don’t know anyone in AC.

How many collaborate?  I knew you jumped to that question in your head.  This ain’t some group of countless numbers of persons waiting beck and call.  It’s a handful who deal directly with the blog.  Now the contacts in other areas — that’s different, but contacts are just people in contact.  No one expects them to do anything because we’re not doing anything except shooting the breeze.

We don’t collect money or resources.  We write a few articles every now and then.  And yes, if we have someone in the area to check things out at a local, if that person is willing, but if they’re not there is NO pressure.  Some people can’t ever set foot in an entity again.  I guess the question is: do they really want to?

There have been some references to the Ross site lately.  It’s no secret that those in cult recovery go there and use his resources, whether once or a million times.  I fail to see the problem with that.  Now, we did put out an alert when we found out about a defrocked therapist and yes, trust became an issue again because some people had gone to this guy for help because he appeared on our list.  There’s another guy that’s out there who may or may not be going down the beaten path of flim-flamery so we’ve just been sticking with Ross references for now.

This morning, it was already 70 degrees.  Kind of makes one want back the snow because the high is going to fry eggs on the sidewalk.  Ouch!  While some of you are sipping piña coladas there are elderly and infirmed struggling.  One of the local charities has a list of such persons to visit.  After church, they will send out the refreshed bible thumpers for a couple of hours just to make sure folks are doing okay.

But they’re not really okay.  They can’t afford air conditioning because costs keep going up, SSI is not enough, retirement savings — don’t get readers started on THAT because it’s near and dear to everyone’s heart.

There are things that need fixing, everyone can think of something.  We will attempt to help those who sincerely want to know and learn about the real organization.  If you want a pissing contest, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” you’ve probably come to the right place too but be advised that it seems to end with people like you abandoning your disposable e-mail account to cry in the corner all alone.


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