The Truth About NATLFED

July 19, 2013

Keep asking questions

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We who are about to die salute you!

We encourage people to ask questions as well as do the research.  There is benefit to talking with those who had “been there and done that” but just as important there is benefit to talking with those in your community.

If you start asking around about the group in your area, you might be surprised at what types of people know about it and what types don’t.  More and more of the mutual benefits associations are ending up on the emergency resource lists with all of the other local charities.  Yes, that’s what we said, charities.

The fighting edge is long gone, it seems.  The days of picket lines are history.  What’s left are the locals being another stop on the circuit of handouts that the desperately poor travel.  That’s what some members will tell you.

The schools, well, that’s another matter.  Having been burnt off of so many campuses, either long ago aggressive recruitment campaigns have been forgotten by the faculty or still blacklisted.  It depends.  There are some colleges the locals can never set foot on again.

Do businesses really see a difference in paid advertising in the newsletters?  How many of you remember mailing out the newsletters to the members once a month?  Probably most of you have seen a small stack of them on a table somewhere in the office; check out the date.

If you’re curious, check it out.  At one local, the operations manager is considered a saint for helping the poor illegal and impoverished farm workers.  The Old Man once vowed never to compete with the farm worker union but after Chavez died he had a change of heart.  Of course, the strange symbiotic relationship of WSWA/CHA never made sense to this moderator.  West coasters seem disinclined to clarify the point, but once you start talking about the red trade unionist being made the west coast field commander — whoa!  That gets their goat.

Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for and maybe not.  What’s important is that you realize there is a hidden agenda that the locals will not reveal to you until you’ve been sufficiently “politicized” and “educated” to “know the truth” and receive an invitation to join.


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