The Truth About NATLFED

July 8, 2013

The Inner Chamber

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We’ve often discussed the limited readership of this blog, as the group is a small cult despite its sense of grandness and international scope.  There is much showboating.  Recently, there has been interest in the structure and methodology the group employs.  You know the saying about inquiring minds…

It’s difficult trying to dissect a group that maintains one public face yet has a wall that blocks outsiders from viewing the secret agenda.  You can go to the door but it’s locked until such time as the recruitment process brings you to a point where you are given a key and can enter.  Even still, it’s another room with another door on the opposite side that is locked.  Until such time, you don’t receive that key to the door until continued recruitment permits through political education.  Just imagine a continuing series of such doors and rooms until you get to the innermost chamber.

Of course, not everyone makes it to the innermost chamber.  Some are unable to progress beyond a certain point.  Those that do make it to the innermost chamber don’t want to leave, or, if they do make the decision, it is difficult to break the programming.

This is not meant to be coy.  Sometimes, we forget and lapse back into the jargon of the group.  So we make an effort to explain it with clarity that you, the reader, can easily understand.  Sometimes, we fail.  That is why the reader can sometimes become lost.

It isn’t easy.  We encourage your questions.  If you feel we’re talking too much in “code” then let us know.


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