The Truth About NATLFED

July 7, 2013

Just a curious side note

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Every now and then, we’re shocked by the search terms that lead a person to this blog.  Gino Perente sex – wow!  Someone really wants to know that.

Okay, here goes – sex: male.  Race: white, although frequently impersonated a Hispanic.

We know that isn’t what you meant.  We did an unofficial poll of current and former contributors, the ones we could reach anyway.  As a couple of them are male, you can rule them out as liaisons.  The Old Man didn’t swing that way.

Reports of his harem are legendary and rumors of numerous liaisons abound in the forums.  It’s just a freak coincidence that contributors to this blog were free of such liaisons.  None of us can speak to it with first hand knowledge.

It’s not to say he was a saint despite his sodality.  We can speak to the drugs and such.  The man had two non-CCMP doctors tending to his needs and perhaps they were shocked when they first met at the time of his death.  One was somewhat honest; the other, well, let’s just say he had certain connections that the Organization appreciated like the discrete funeral home.

Then there are those he didn’t have sex with that claimed a liaison.  You’ll notice the frequent use of liaison.  It’s intentional and he joked about it when he so named the role of the floor liaisons to the arenas.

The point is that no one who claims it puts it “out there” for the world to read.  You can read about it in the private forums (if any of them are still up and running).

There are numerous instances of cult leaders having harems, wives in favor, and wives that fall out of favor.  This seems to be a prevailing thing.

Of course, it’s a non-issue today.  The man is dead and buried if you believe the rumors.


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