The Truth About NATLFED

July 6, 2013

These ain’t cigarettes

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…they’re anti-bitch sticks.

Growing up, everyone smoked it seemed.  It wasn’t unusual.  Lots of people drank too.  My family was and is full of smokers and drunkards.  Plus a couple of potheads fighting with NORML.  The kids played, the adults smoked and drank beers in the kitchen.  The kids grew up, smoke cigarettes and drink until they’re drunk.

The EO provided for cigarettes.  Every organizer was entitled to a pack a day along with the $5 a week for stipends.  (Someone with a calculator is going to do the inflation on that $5 based on the value of the dollar in 1972 compared to now — good luck, schmuck.). Yet you can’t organize when you’re drunk.  Or stoned off your ass.

How many organizers smoked?  Drank?  Did drugs?  I still remember the time I caught a whiff of something in the vicinity of the 1111 shop that I tried explaining to GOD (maybe he was FOD at that time).  Damn, he must have known that I was STUPID.

Blame the addictions on the family history too, not just on the environment, because if you leave the environment then there’s no reason to continue the addiction.  Nah, it’s not like that at all.  Many junkies joined, even gave it up a little but came back to it.

There is not a clean person in my family.  Smokers, drunkards, a couple of potheads.  Don’t blame the group for that.  Blame the parents.


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