The Truth About NATLFED

May 26, 2013

Drop me a note

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It’s been a long time since I heard from you and then I saw you want to follow my pathetic little tweets.  I thought you were convinced that I was the antichrist or something.  In any event, Mr Appalachia, drop me a note.  I don’t hold it against you that I fail to understand your music.  I’m just not into it.

I once seriously studied music and even considered a career in it, but not like mainstream rock ‘n roll.  When I auditioned for something quite amazing, at least to someone like myself, a hopeful among hopefuls — they said that my upper register was insufficiently trained and they told me to come back in five years.  Of course that didn’t happen.

So…what is your question?  There are some things not discussed publicly and that is important.  Remember, there is an apologist out there who is determined to destroy every ex because her love for her group is so strong, her blindness so complete, her hearing so selective.  That is why many go to the private forums, of which I’m certain you are not invited (but I could be wrong).


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