The Truth About NATLFED

May 19, 2013

Another group labeled cult

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Well, did my morning read and saw that another group has been labeled cult.  No, nothing like that Athena worshiping group that survived the downfall of the Roman Gods (way to go, Christianity, unable to tolerate other religions yet somehow loving their neighbors, unwilling to forgive major sinners but somehow it’s okay to park in the handicap spot without the sticker, etc.).  I mean, really, the group practiced for two thousand years, just as it had done for centuries prior, and in this day and age gets labeled a cult.

Another politically based group suffered the label, and this one, well I can’t say much more other than persons of a similar ilk are disgusted.  Someone saw it, others discussed it, I was like wow.

So…what’s your take on the whole thing?  People have been coming to this weird ass blog and scouring through the articles.  One person was sitting on the site for over two hours and read 40+ pages.  Think we’re full of it?  Drop a real comment.  We don’t care about shoes or jerseys, just your honest opinion.


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