The Truth About NATLFED

May 5, 2013

You can see why I was confused

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We sometimes get fooled. Who doesn’t? Phishers are apparently very clever persons. Below is the comment that Akismet slobbered in mayonnaise and called spam. Okay, there were a couple of typographical errors that we fixed but aside from that we resisted the urge to “fix” the Patrick Henry comment, etc. There were no links.

It certainly sounded as if someone who was there (or might even still be there) had written it.

So yes, we learned a lesson yesterday. The message below proved to be a clever phish.

The three ex-cadre above have reported their findings. There are 100s of others, over thirty years, departed from this sorry excuse for a fighting organization. What are your findings “must be true?” The New York Times prints “all the news that’s fit to print” and they’ve been a mighty fine mouth piece for the Bush Administration this past eight years. Gino used to say, “Yea, yea” – a double positive, means “no” in this manner of speaking. Patrick Henry, American patriot, rode his horse through town, yelling “The British Are coming…” That was the truth; not in word, in deed. Mark Twain said, in times of war, truth is the first casualty. You know, we are in a war. In my experience, I had to dodge the bullets – both enemy fire and “friendly” fire … and struggle for the truth. Yes, it’s not in Wikipedia – it is amongst those who’ve been there, done that (with natlfed). “Must be true” – try to put aside your dismissive attitude and get some facts by studying those “with ’em,” and “those against ’em.” It ain’t easy, babe, fizzle. P.S.-(that’s the sound of many years of natlfed experience), doing the “building strength in numbers.” Thatcher Kent sadly plods on to achieve, what? I’m glad they got some new office “digs.” The old office was a dump. At least the cadre won’t be freezing this winter, along with the members.

Donovan Daniel



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