The Truth About NATLFED

March 23, 2013

When it comes to manipulators

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Probably the most number of hits to this site concern the search term manipulators. While this site isn’t primarily about that topic, one can see the necessity of successful manipulators in certain organizations.

Is it like buying a new car? You go in to the lot just to look around and next thing you know you’re driving off of the lot in something new. Did you like the sales pitch? Did the salesman know exactly what to say?

Most people are looking up how to deal with manipulators and often find themselves landing on sites that discuss cult experiences and therapies. What defines a cult?

Here’s something that caught my fancy a few years back and it made me think, “What the hell?” A cult was found in Europe, one that worshiped Athena. Now, one would think, “Why is that a cult?” Really, after a couple of thousand of years this religious group survived and bam! Cult label, end of discussion.

I guess it must have been a cult two thousand years ago, along with the cults of Zeus and all of the Olympians and Titans. Oh wait, back then it was called religion.

An obscure group like that somehow met the criteria because it was not a mainstream group. For that matter, there are a variety of Christian splits that aren’t mainstream but because they’re part of the overall sense of Christianity they seem to be accepted as okay.

It’s been difficult lately finding good resources to refer you to, as most of what’s out there has been available for many years and others are wannabe experts. With the defrocking of one therapist that had a reputation, it certainly makes me think twice.

So I can only point you to a couple of sites.

Keep doing the research. Ultimately, the decision is yours.


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