The Truth About NATLFED

January 28, 2013

Around the room

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Every now and then in a meeting someone gets the idea to ask other attendees what they are thinking.  It is supposed to encourage a sense of participation.  Don’t you just hate that?  Sometimes, one or two people can sum it up best.  It perhaps roots out the yes men or the yes men can stroke the egos of those running the meeting.

Most people are reluctant to be the naysayer.  You can offer what you believe to be positive input, but the reality is that the person in charge is staging a way to get their way.

It’s an interesting premise in a group where the defined outcome is already predetermined; it’s just a matter of getting everyone to “agree” with that determination.  If one local decides to not do a nationally directed campaign, there’s hell to pay.

That is the difference between talk the talk and walk the walk.  If you eventually submit because you’re tired of the discussions and re-education, well, if you don’t really do it but say you’re going to then all is well.  That is why the hamster continues running around in the spinning wheel in the cage, not really going anywhere.  The so-called stuck in a rut syndrome.

If a campaign is successful, there really isn’t a need to do it over and over again.

Some were very specific to a particular instance or event like an earthquake.  You can’t stop an earthquake from coming or some other act of God.  But you can maximize through the relief efforts to further other campaigns.  It’s important to understand the difference between temporary gains and long-term improvements.

Those of you who weren’t there will find this a difficult premise to grasp.  Those who talked the company line could do some amazing things but if you didn’t actually do those things then it seemed a farce.  Perhaps that was why the national procurement system was able to do so well but the locals not.  The old service center roof was never re-roofed despite all of the resources donated.

Your thoughts are appreciated on this subject.  Those in the ex community will attempt to speak to such matters in relation to particular periods of time within the group.  Most will agree that the greater achievements occurred early, whereas later achievements paled in comparison.  Others will say that the group is doing far more now than it ever did.

It’s a matter of perspective.


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