The Truth About NATLFED

January 1, 2013

It’s new and improved

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As I was saying, the idea of resolutions is an interesting concept.  As expected, the group did publish its annual resolution.  There isn’t much to worry about, for the new and improved group will do what it intends.

Some modern conveniences have expedited the process.  I still remember the six minutes per page fax transmissions on the special chemical paper.  But then again, the old typewriters still have an impact.  Ever consider selling them on E-Bay?

You’ve seen the cops-and-robbers TV series of late.  As cops walk past a doorway carrying a computer, someone cries out a warning but it’s too late.  The ginormous electromagnet hiding under the dream catcher has already wiped the hard drive.  Mm, sounds a lot more interesting than running down to the boiler room to toss in crates full of papers.

Use of computers is more common but for security reasons certain things are best left to typewriters.  Still doing codes using the Gruenberg edition, I hear.  Of course, everyone in the know has that book.  Kind of like Grey Dog and bottles of mimeo ink.

I continue to babble.  Well, that’s true.  Some of what gets imparted is targeted specifically for ex-cadre.

Just remember the warnings, dear readers.


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