The Truth About NATLFED

December 16, 2012

Time part 2

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You can argue time of the year all you want.  The entities only promise holiday tactics as temporary solutions, not permanent.  For the permanent, well, first you have to fully embrace the contradiction that toy drives won’t change the world or solve the problems of people not making enough money to support their families.

No matter what you do, a permanent solution is only available through the Organization.

But what is the permanent solution?

After all, they’ve been working on it for 41 years.  You would have had to been there to understand the criticism the Organization made of other movements for failure to bring about the big R, and now it finds itself in that same position.  Whatever the reasons, the criticism against others was in disorganization or lack of intent; whereas the so-called hegemonic force continues to sit in neutral.

One person characterized the life of a cadre in an entity as constantly running around working on benefits.  So, what the hell is wrong with that?  If you’re organizing properly, you have volunteers in the door working on those benefits.  The person didn’t understand that the first step to working on the benefit case was to call in a volunteer to do that work for you.

And of course the benefits program was never intended as a permanent solution.  But what of it?  Everyone knows clothes are usually free flowing, food not always but can usually be obtained.  What of the medical and dental benefit?  Pretty much non-existent.  The job board had potential, some offices were rather successful getting local employers to post notices in their office.

What would happen if 100 members walked into an office at the same time in need of the medical benefit?  That would undoubtedly break the proverbial bank because none of the entities can handle it.  One entity recently flat out turned away a member in good standing because they could not deliver on that benefit.

What is a member in good standing?  Definitely dues paying.  Some things don’t change like the .62 cents per month dues structure or $7.44 per year.  Unless I missed the memo, of course.  Volunteering with the group is ideal, but the Organization states it does not rely on the membership base as volunteers.  Many are working 2 or 3 jobs to support their families.  Except of course in Alaska; members who don’t volunteer are denied benefits entirely.  Don’t take it from me, read another blog site’s postings from disgruntled members.

Perhaps it is time to move on to something else.  After all, the end of the world is coming 🙂

If you believe in that sort of thing.  Or, it’s just the start of something else.  All about the dialectics, beginning, middle, end and then something else because there is always motion of one type or another.  Quick!  Find a sociologist!  Dave once did a funny class on dialectics, as in it wasn’t exactly the kid friendly version.

So what’s the difference between donating toys to a church or the local entity?  It’s really hard to say.  You know the church will get the toys out to those in need, so will the entity.  It’s just how they select those in need that differs.

Oh bother, it’s getting a little redundant telling people to watch out and do research but apparently still necessary.  I had someone in Boston tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Really?  You’ve been with the group for a year, you’re still a tab cadre and you know more about the Organization than me?  I?  Grammar Nazi, step up to the plate.

Puh-leeze.  Give away all the food and clothes you want, you haven’t hit the contradiction yet that it’s not the permanent solution.

Well, it’s time to go.  People have different feelings on this time of the year.


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