The Truth About NATLFED

December 16, 2012

The time of year

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It matters not if you believe Jesus was really born at this time of year.  This article is not about those debates, the spring lambs, the taking of the census, etc.  It seems more important that we have chosen to acknowledge and celebrate his birth.

The holidays continue to be a stressful time of year, as the reason for the season (as the self-righteous pious crew sings) seems to be lost amid all the commercialism.  Buy this, buy bigger, I can put up more lights in my yard than you can, etc.  There is certainly a lot of expectation.

What of the economy?  It’s bad this year as false unemployment figures imply more workers are working again.  Bah, they just ran out of benefits.  And an entire generation of mooches, expecting everything delivered on a silver platter for little to no effort on their part.

There’s little to do but play computer video games all day sponging off of mom and dad.  Until that day comes along when you’re told to get up off your lazy ass and get a job.  What?  Me work?

Just one scenario.

There seems to be a rush towards infamy with guns and bullets, wreaking death and destruction.  Victims at malls, parking lots, churches and of course schools.  Someone said there isn’t a spike in these things, just a heightened awareness because of what just happened in Connecticut.  Really?  So going to a movie theater and running for your lives if you’re lucky to get away is a normal occurrence?  I think not.

The only apocalypse is the meltdown of society where profit is more important than people, we butt into affairs overseas without taking care of our own, costs get cut and those who truly need go without.  Of course, those that play the system somehow manage to keep sponging off the system for entire generations.

Bring on the gladiators, the warships, the lions and the Christians; fill up the arenas.

The entities are not doing anything to stop this phenomena despite grandiose claims.  But they use these incidents as justification for their secret agenda.


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