The Truth About NATLFED

November 3, 2012

The aftermath

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Everyone’s reading about the aftermath of the horrific storm and those who died.  Staten Island is apparently screwed.  Halloween was officially postponed until Monday in New Jersey, but will they be ready?  And who wants to run a marathon with all that crap all over the place anyway?

This is not to make light of a situation that is terrible.  What’s worse?  The destruction?  Or the vultures swooping in to steal a buck or two off the misery of the victims?

One report of an entity overwhelmed with benefits requests and that is to be expected.  They can be very good at organizing disaster relief.  Another entity has had to temporarily move operations because of structural damage.  What will folks do?  Homeless victims, homeless cadre…hope someone remembered to secure the constitution before vacating the building.

There are always criticisms of official relief efforts being slow to respond.  It still takes a minute for a teaspoon of sugar to dissolve in a cup of coffee.  (Real sugar, not that fake wanna-give-you-cancer crap.).

Research what you’re donating to.  The Internet makes it faster and if you’ve arrived at this crazy blog then maybe you should think twice about your decision.  People need real assistance.  Homeowners have become homeless in just a couple of days of destruction and homeless became lost in the surges.  Meanwhile, some crazy fashion model is running around spreading her legs upon abandoned and destroyed vehicles thinking it’s sexy romantic.

You know that people DO need help.  It’s a shame there are those who will exploit it all in the name of “furthering the revolution” that fuels their dedication.  Still, if it means another free loaf of bread, maybe you should take it.


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