The Truth About NATLFED

October 25, 2012

So what about the so-called death warrants?

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Someone recently pooh-pooh’ed us for not addressing the death warrants.  Indeed, there is one article posted on another site that talks about the group issuing death warrants against members who left after one year of participation.

If that were true, well, there just wouldn’t be an ex-cadre community.

Now, it is true in certain circumstances for very specific reasons involving a small handful of former cadre.  But as for the average Joe, nope, just not interesting enough for the Organization to pursue.  If word got around that people who left ended up dead, well that sure would be a bummer and deterrent to future cadre recruitment.

If you allegedly stole over a million dollars, that would merit such a warrant.  We only know of two persons accused of stealing such money.  We find it amusing that dollars are languishing in off-shore accounts.  Now then, one of the persons denied stealing anything and alleges it was Oldie’s wrath for her departure that caused such a story to be told.  Another person denied stealing the money as well and the Organization denies that person left with any cash.  (There’s an interesting story there too.)

Just a handful left that merited the so-called death warrants.  One old-timer once mocked us, saying it was just a bed time story to scare young cadre into submission.  Okay, maybe “mocked” isn’t the best word.

Kind of like the cement shoes for certain adversaries who were allegedly dropped off Montauk Point.  A fanciful representation, a fabrication, never really happened but how many cadre believe it did?

The Constitution is not the same as the EO.  We don’t know of anyone who managed to “smuggle out” a copy of the Constitution and if someone did, well, we’d post it.  What the hell, there are some gunning for us anyway.  Did you ever have the pleasure of typing a copy?  Yup, you had to type it exactly as it was, matching typeface, margins, even where the words ended on the line and bottom of the page.  It was a security measure in case one did get lost, so they would know which entity was to blame.

Now, we don’t know if copies were different from unit to unit, but that was certainly the impression because, well, face it, the security measure wouldn’t work.  All the copies would have the exact same typos in the exact same place.

We’ve been criticized for discussing the role of party organizer, which is in the Constitution, but most cadre are more familiar with the public name Field Commander.  It was less about the title and more about the person.  The role was retired back in 1995.

So if you ever read that any moderators here ended up shot dead or some other death by foul play, then perhaps you will change your mind and believe in the death warrants.

It is, however, more likely that the Organization would go after certain pains-in-the-asses through harassing tactics like frivolous lawsuits, smear campaigns, etc.  I still remember the time I was briefed on the standing order to economically ruin a former cadre.  The entity was charged with the task but then again nothing came of it.  Interesting, as that former cadre continues to live blissfully ignorant of such a standing order and is doing quite well after having been out for 20+ years (financially, physically, emotionally, etc.).

So it’s up to you what you are willing to believe.  It is, however, a very real fear that cadre just exiting (regardless of the circumstances) wonder if they will be pursued by those executing a death warrant.

Advocatus diaboli…big Cheshire grin because you know a rival blog is going to have fun with this particular article.  Of course, we’re out and they’re in, so you’ll get to see the flip side of the coin.



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