The Truth About NATLFED

October 3, 2012

Weigh in part 2

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A cadre died and persons are invited to discuss that topic.  Many have died while in service to the Organization, martyred for the cause.  How many could have been saved?  Why did Robert T die of dehydration?  An organization that boasts a medical benefit could have seen to it that didn’t happen, yet the “murder” story goes hand in hand with a victim of the other side.

Why did Jim R die from cancer?  Okay, people do die from cancer.  Some make the argument that the early the intervening treatment, the better one’s chances of surviving.  The story goes that the doctor realized he suffered an extremely rare form of cancer and was studying its progression.  Pretty morbid stuff, especially the not telling the cadre he had cancer part of it.  Is this representative of the ethics of medical professionals who participate in the benefits program?  Or did someone weave a yarn?

There is a difference between those who were martyred and those who were martyrs to the cause.  The first being manufactured, the second being actual persons who put off treatment until it literally was too late.  Polly intended to get taken care of but kept postponing medical treatment.

The lack of care is a contradiction.  In several entities, elderly cadre were pulled out by loving relatives who wanted to rescue them from lack of care.  One would argue that a nursing home was no “real” solution, yet it was far preferable than a situation that some would characterize as elder abuse.

There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the weigh in comment.  A thread was opened on the Ross site and that is the one persons chose not to participate in.  We don’t post the comments wanting you to buy blue jeans or pills or with the dirty links.  We don’t post comments from Mozam Bique with authors who claim to be in Ohio.

If you have information on SUNY speaking engagements, we’d be happy to share it.  Even the old AFAS campuses, tell us more.  This is the time of year when recruitment efforts increase along with fundraising.

The Organization will exploit the cadre death to further people through money and money through people.  The martyrdom even extends into the press jacket, community saints, establishing memorial funds.



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