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September 29, 2012

Why didn’t anyone weigh in?

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I had a curious complaint via e-mail that someone was running around sporting fun at the failed RR forum thread.  So…why didn’t anyone weigh in on it?

  1. The notion of going to a moderated forum just doesn’t appeal to this particular audience.  I mean, really, if you can’t say exactly what you want to say, then how can you get across your point that you’re a big, bad ass, former cadre?
  2. The community doesn’t want a neutral moderator.  Hey, at least we’re honest here.  If you’re going to try to post something that’s designed to “out” those in the closet, we’re going to ignore you.  (We also don’t post comments from people claiming to be in Ohio but the IP belongs to Mozam Bique.).
  3. Maybe others would have weighed in, but first they wanted to see what would happen.  Seeing one of Gino’s movie character favorites show up as a commentator was definitely a “tell” that (despite moderation) NATLFED was in on the thread finding another way to harass former cadre.
  4. Any other thoughts?

So we’re just happy that most sensible former cadre opted not to weigh in, realizing what happened and protecting themselves from harassment.  Most avoid this blog’s comments like the plague because it does come under attack, critics “outing” moderators (whether right or wrong about certain details, doesn’t matter, just the fact they’re out there) and let’s not forget the rash of fake profiles that have cropped up from time to time.

It’s interesting there are even discussions about it and only one person decided to ask our opinion.  We’re not in on those discussions.  Anyone who currently or formerly moderated this blog is on the fecal roster of various private discussion groups.

Someone finally did and we decided to discuss it amongst ourselves.  Quite frankly, we’re happier that we’re trying to get out current information and help some get out rather than wallow in the muck and mire of some of the private discussion groups.

Now, someone’s going to say we’re wrong.  That’s fine, you can read all about in on NATLFED’s blog.

PS Angie — you’re always welcome back if you’re ready, willing and able.


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