The Truth About NATLFED

September 26, 2012

An interesting tidbit about Redding

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Local personalities may feel free to comment here but you’re probably more inclined to keep it on that other site.  It’s not that we’re anti-Redding or anything; we just don’t have any particular information regarding that local chapter of NATLFED like who’s in charge currently, current targeted campaigns, etc.

As with any local front, there are general campaigns or strategies such as back to school, trick-or-treat for service or farm workers, holidays, winter survival, etc.  These campaigns are designed to recruit people through money and raise money through people.

What are the front organizations?  Mutual benefits associations — labor organizations of a new type.  Such is the status as clarified back in the 1970s with the flagship Eastern Farm Workers Association and its victorious court case.  Of course, that was over thirty years ago and many states have since passed legislation to govern  / restrict organizations that call themselves mutual benefits associations.

I guess the main question is this, “Is WSWA a communist organization?”  Ask any cadre and he/she will say no.  Ask a cadre, “Are you a communist?”  If they’re doing their job by using the party line, they are required to answer, “Yes.”  There’s a whole spiel that goes along with that yes.

So is it a big deal?  Depends upon your point of view.  Will they come out and say they are communist?  No.  You have to “challenge” them with the question.  If you piss ’em off, they’ll even resort to name-calling.

Redding used to (in its heyday) boast a Western Service Workers Association/California Homemakers Association, Shasta County Food Committee, Coalition of Concerned Medical Professional and Shasta County Community Service Center.  I don’t know what fronts remain active.

On the listing of organizations, you will find some existed as temporary apparatus such as Earthshock Committee.  Others were created for a specific purpose but never really took off like Writers & Scholars Institute.  Nearly all were active back in the 1980s but after the raid many dwindled to name only status.  The concentration remained with the “point of production” entities (the main drives in the locals, with the ancillary organizations allowed to die back because in theory they could be reactivated when needed).

Is Liam still in charge of the local?  Hard to know.  Even long-time cadre can be reassigned elsewhere or perhaps just finally throw in the towel.

Comment here or there, whatever suits you best.


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