The Truth About NATLFED

September 19, 2012

Back to the markets

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It’s interesting that the large city markets, which have been accustomed to CCMP visiting once a week for over 20 years, continue to receive organizers.  I’m talking the big ones, the noted ones, you know — Hunts Point, Gansvoort, Fulton, etc.

Did a business owner ever go out to the island to see a camp crew?

It’s also interesting that when this blog starts to talk about very real issues, Mozam bique wants to spam the hell out of us.  Nothing personal, I’m sure, but business is business and this blog is about the business of warning people about a group.

So they’re running the same spiel for 20+ years.  Maybe scale back if there is suspicion.  Kind of like all the roofing supplies that were donated to fix the Riverhead center, but not a lick went out there.  Instead,  it all went to fixing the roof at the brownstones.

Is it grammatically correctly to say rooves?

So OWS is falling apart.  Does the group still take credit for its impetus?  Or backing away from that one?  You read about the fights at meetings.  Someone like me wonders if divide and conquer is being employed by a group jealous that someone else is doing something.

Well, we’ll have to see how it all boils down before we get a decent jelly.


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