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August 25, 2012

You can be strong

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If you’re truly one advocating and making the cause, you can find the strength and ally with those who are doing something.

Or at the very least, don’t get sucked into something where you work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, no vacations because it’s petite bourgeois etc.

Someone recently wrote about the great reformations that occurred.  Well, I see, planting tulips makes everything all better now doesn’t it.  It was never about reforming the group.  It was about getting rid of those who had any loyalty to the original founder.  Persons with 20+ years dot were suddenly dumped in psych wards or just plain beaten the crap out of and dumped on street corners.

There were some persons on special assignments who found themselves on a fool’s errand, for the new regime just abandoned them and wouldn’t even take their reports.  I think the sleepers just about died off, never having been activated for their “thing” and never replaced.  The Old Man used to talk about the judges.  What happened to them?

Now, well, if you blog about the group some loyal cadre will set up a counter-blog as a personally chosen by the high command to do the job of “ruining” you.  Stupid idiot can’t even do it right.  I have received three complaints from persons this week, the only thing in common is their name.  Seems that stupid can’t get it right.

Nah, just can’t get beyond a sense of self-superiority and that’s what is in part wrong with the dangerous group that appears on so many cult watch lists.  There’s no danger of progressive change (remember the lingo and the Aesopian language) from this bunch; they’re too busy typing 3×5 cards and doing literature tables to keep on the lights.

You can be strong.

There remains a new forum opened up for discussion.  True, someone was banned from that forum but what’s important to remember is that it is not MY forum.  Dee can speak there all he/she/it wants rather than complaining about the lack of persons speaking in that forum.  But the general consensus is that Dee has spoken there.

I’m working on a great ms currently, well, okay ms but it’s enough to generate serious inquiry.


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