The Truth About NATLFED

August 25, 2012

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings…

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…and she’s a lovely contralto!  Blame that on the witch who wouldn’t train her in soprano until the warlock started to some twenty years later.

Sifting through e-mails, kind of fell behind lately, and someone made an interesting comment.  What happened to H?  Why the dissociation?

Well, why do you even particularly care?  H isn’t blogging anymore, many of his accounts have been hacked and now he hasn’t bothered to contact me from a new account (just the hacked accounts that are supposed to have been closed).

But that in no way means that any association is “over” — it just means that until his situation stabilizes with his accounts etc. there just isn’t any communication.

That still brings me back to my original question.  Why do you care?  Seriously, why do you care?  We all know that current cadre are trolling various forums impersonating ex-cadre and family members.  Are you one of them?  Jabbing the finger in the back to get your jollies off of people not knowing that it’s really you?

Now, I’ve been accused of being fat.  I did my WW thing with weigh-in (sorry, not the superhero and the bracelets or lasso of truth) and I’m 145 pounds.  Just a few more to go to be at ideal weight.  I had someone poo-poo me for weight gain after several pregnancies but it sure does beat sleeping on a foam mat on a concrete floor typing away on old Royals.

How come we never see fat cadre?  They’re starving, at least the ones in the front organizations.  Now the ones at the administrative offices, THAT’S a different story.

I like a day where I can relax for an hour or two.  Ah, but soon to work again.  Apparently, I’m not proletarian enough for this group to get it that what they’re doing is for a class, for they have alienated an entire class of persons.  They leech off the donations intended for the bottom of the bottom (homeless, destitute, the worst cases of poverty) and cry revolution.

When I start singing, you’ll know they’re finally done.  In the meanwhile, stay away from a group that appears on many cult watch lists.  And be sure to really read what their number one apologist has to say about those he/she/it believes to responsible for lighting the exit door so others can escape.


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