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August 13, 2012

You can lead a horse to water

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but you can’t make him drink.

Ultimately, the decision to join a cult is in the hands of the individual being recruited.  It’s not the days of the SLA or the Stockholm Syndrome where persons are kidnapped and such.

The reasons people join may or may not align with why the group wants them to join.  Apparently, some men join because a woman has big boobs.  Well, that’s a sexist statement but it’s one reason one man really did join the Organization.  And then he got sent to another entity far, far away.  You can tell he didn’t last long.

Let us not mistake VC with FOP.  There are certainly those out there who were party aware, maybe even thought they were in it, but just never were recruited all the way for whatever reason.  It wasn’t their fault.  Kind of like what happened with Clarence.

WBC presidents are at a minimum FOP.  You can’t lead a council otherwise.  It’s not like a group of members could go in one day and decide they don’t like the VC or FOP president, demand elections and vote someone else in that they prefer.  That would be interesting.

Arena Operations Managers must be CC members and that is usually synonymous with being local chairs.  Field directors must be CC members, or at least used to be, as someone recently exited told me that wasn’t required because her FD was not CC.  Key roles at the local must be filled by party members such as OPS, FIIN, PC (a/k/a education director), CDR. 

There are many “retired” positions such as the field command staff.  This, of course, being different from the party organizer position, a constitutional role that was blatantly removed because someone couldn’t understand the difference between party organizer and field commander.  In fact, many people still don’t get it but as all are retired then it really doesn’t make a difference now, does it?

Except you lost an entire network in the process, abandoned persons who suddenly had no way to report in, just left to fend for themselves on various submarining assignments or other tasks of closed nature.

But I digress.

Quit blaming the recruiters.  Blame the recruits, or at a minimum blame the circumstances that led them to let themselves be recruited.  I keep getting the blame for recruiting someone in 1976, and sad to say I was just a 10-year-old child.  What a little magical thing I somehow had done!  Now, there is no mistaking the fact that other family members were involved at the time but I was blissfully unaware.  Nah, more worried about one sicko still on meds who found it amusing to try to drown me a couple of times in my youth.

Yeah, we’ve talked about that.  First, it was an accident you see, and the golden child was praised for repenting to God and all that, didn’t realize a joke had gone too far.  I was chastised for not being forgiving, etc., for being scared to go into the water again.  Until I finally did.  And then it happened again.  The golden child remains on medications coupled with hospitalizations every few years when abandoning the medications due to extremely deleterious side effects.

Mm, somehow we’re back at water.

So, as I was saying, no one can force anyone to join a cult.  Take out your anger on the Organization, not on the individuals who may or may not have been involved with taking away your loved ones.  And how did you know that so-and-so was the one that did it anyway?  Did evil fearless leader tell you?

So be careful.  If a blog is all about trashing just one person who dares to warn you about a dangerous organization that appears on many cult watch lists, you can pretty much know that the author is an apologist loyal to the cause.

And know this: there are private discussions going on that someone recently clued me in on with someone claiming to be the golden child.  You’ve been duped, asshole.  It’s amazing you’ll talk with the golden child but not bother to ask me about it, but you’re so bitter that you’re not doing a damn thing.


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