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August 11, 2012

On being exnatlfed

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Well, seems that’s a new search term – exnatlfed.  So what exactly does it mean?

It means different things to different people.

I had someone recently write to me to say they weren’t really in it.  Now, it is kind of silly because they were there for five years sleeping on the floor in an office, working 18 hour days 7 days a week 365 days a year, attending unit meetings — but because they had never met a “national cadre” or even a “regional cadre” (nor been to either of those offices), they weren’t really IN it.

Are you kidding me?  Wake up and smell the Earl Grey tea, dearie.

I often run into issues with former west coast cadres who seem to feel that COSHAD was on a par with NOC.  Nope.  It was the Western Regional Office Central, not National Office Central West.  There were always plans on setting up Eastern Regional Office Central and establishing NOC as a separate entity.  But even though that didn’t happen, there was a difference in personnel assignments at NOC.

Exnatlfed persons carry their own luggage, their own burdens, their own damages as a result of having been in the group.  Maybe that’s why so many forums that start-up for discussion end in complete and total disaster.  This same person was telling me that I’m to blame for the closing of natlfed-2 group.

Me?  I haven’t belonged to that group since shortly after a certain someone was banned.  Why?  You have to admit that as crazy as he is, he is still a genius.  I can picture him as a mad scientist working away at a laboratory but unable to tie his own shoes unless the voices in his head told him it was okay.

So go blame someone else.

I’ve reopened my own Yahoo group but no one seems interested.  Why?  Well, one public is for article discussion and I kind of got tired of people joining to keep an ear to the ground.  That’s just a cutsie way of saying, “We’re spying on you because we don’t trust you,” or, “We’re spying on you because we want to report back to our political commissar what you’re doing.”  The RR, by the way, was never disbanded; just kicked out everyone who had been helped or was heckling because it’s not a pity party, it has a purpose; and it’s still open if you know where to look or how to ask.

I think that it is safe to say that persons who blogged here are delightfully crazy enough to amuse the political commissars but sane enough to help those looking to get someone out from the group.  As for the others, well, they think I’m poison because associate with this blog and that bastard who loves his precious group so much will go after them, blog about them, tell everyone where they work or where they think they work, impersonate dead family members, etc.

I got an e-mail from my mother, by the way; who died many years ago and that can be verified on the SSDI.  Apparently, I’ve been written out of her will.  That’s WRONG; that is someone trying to justify why they just won’t execute the will as written.  So apparently she has magically been resurrected and I’m due nothing.  It was never about the money, honey, and if you want to live your life stealing inheritances from fractured family members that’s all well and good.  No wonder more than half the family can’t stand you and know you for exactly what you are — still stuck IN it.

I’ve known persons who left because there was an inheritance involved and of course the Organization tried to grub the money away from them.  There was also the heiress — I never did know what to believe because I saw the power of attorney that was signed, but she said the group stole her checkbook and forged her signature and well, let’s face it, the group was very much into forging signatures.  How do you think all those bank accounts were cleared out before someone died?

I get nothing but grief for my troubles on most days blogging about a group that appears on many cult watch lists.  Apparently, if I say it is a cult then some people flip out and it opens up the argument again in other forums.  What other forums?  There aren’t any active ones right now, certainly not public because security can’t be guaranteed and the Organization just walks right in to “keep an ear to the ground” using lame profiles or just flat-out impersonating real persons.

Does this help?

I never know anymore because the only feedback I get are from persons who just find this blog a little bit interesting, more so researching manipulators and less so researching NATLFED.  I don’t think anyone gives a damn that the Wi Ki article was updated again, someone removed the neutrality dispute and, well, it’s still not a neutral article.  How the hell can it be?

It’s kind of like being a little bit pregnant.  Either you are or you aren’t.  Either it’s a cult or it isn’t.  And don’t tell me about the “reforms” because when RR was getting out people I heard all about what happened to those reformations.  You can plant as many tulips as you want in front of the brownstones, but you still need manure to make them grow.  Vacations — canceled.  Personal time off — canceled.  Had enough and want to leave?  Forget it, they’ll chase you down to try to get you back, hound your family, send you letters.  Sound familiar, people?

That’s enough for now.  Some of us have to get to work.

Oh, and Aitch, it’s interesting to hear from you, sort of at least but the correspondence hasn’t been replied to so for now it’s a no-go.


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