The Truth About NATLFED

August 11, 2012

Ah yes, it’s really you

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I remember when you beat the crap out of me all for the love of your own sake.  You were the alpha and at that moment there was no denying.  It didn’t matter that you were just a part-timer with delusions of grandeur, screwing around with someone’s husband while the wife ripped off you and your husband for some $5,000 to line her retirement account instead of paying the taxes.

You were given a choice: leave the group (and your lover) and stay with the rich husband or dump the rich husband and go full-time with your beloved Organization.  Well, guess you weren’t really cut out to be a Che after all because you chose the money.  You begged for forgiveness, I’m sure, from the rich husband and you lost your lover along with your Organization.

I’m supposed to forgive you for what you did.  Why?  So you can feel good?  Lady, get a grip.  You certainly had a powerful one on that baseball bat.  Did you do it for the Organization?  Or because your lover told you to?  Don’t play the Christian card with me because good Christians do not do what you did.  Let God forgive you but I certainly won’t because I have the scars (physical).

How many people did you recruit?  Ah yes, one.  But because it wasn’t the right one, no one’s persecuting you for brainwashing their family member.  Take an aspirin.


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