The Truth About NATLFED

August 8, 2012

I remember when PM came to town

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Sounds kind of silly to remember when Pathmark came to town but it was a big deal.  Talk about no frills shopping!  The coupon frenzies were extreme.  The A and P didn’t survive.  King Kullen somehow survived, even after weeks of quadruple value coupons flooding the market.  Waldbaums was far enough away that it too survived.

It seems a silly thing to recollect but it had an impact in aggressive marketing strategies that was hard to ignore.  Never succeeding as the monopoly, it remains a big player some 20 years later.

That’s the sustainability of an operation.

You probably remember standing outside one of those stores with a bucket and clipboard.  Remember, any volunteer can look at the books.

Money through people and people through money.


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