The Truth About NATLFED

August 7, 2012

The upcoming campaigns

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The front organizations are very predictable with seasonal activities designed to raise money, recruit people and in generate procure resources.  In another article, we once discussed target of opportunities — situations that arise that can act like a “booster shot” to bring in those things quickly, such as hurricane relief, floods, etc.

Back-to-school gets the ball rolling.  Parents need help with clothes as well as supplies.  Can’t send a kid to school unless he/she has shoes.  Stressed educational budgets means more supplies that parents need to foot the bill.  Various tactics to support this campaign include clothing and supply drives.

Next comes Halloween.  Something primarily for the children, where’s the harm in organizing parties and trick-or-treat for farm or service etc workers collecting donations?

This starts the build-up to Thanksgiving and basket donations of turkey to families.  Interesting that it’s a holiday about family and cadre are often “allowed” to be exempt because they’re doing good things for poor people.

Then comes Christmas with toys, more turkeys, presents, etc.  Again, fairly easy to get help as people want to be Christian and give back to communities.

By this time, the fronts are rolling to winter survival campaigns.  In part, it is designed to help entities get through the slump of after Christmas when people are burnt out, broke, just tired.  Every office has a story of someone who died.  I remember one in particular that was a crock and avoidable, the entity kicked out the homeless man and sent him on the streets where he died.  The least they could have done was gotten him to St Vincent de Paul’s Homeless Mission.

These are critical months but note that entities will sacrifice persons in favor of money first because the bills need to get paid, have to have heat in the offices (that’s where cadre sleep, you know) and let’s not forget that 10% of all resources go to NOC.

There’s nothing wrong with helping poor people.  We’ve all heard the expression, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The benefits program is a hook.  Don’t get me wrong, people really do need help.

So…are the education directors finally going back to being publicly called political commissars?  Someone told me they were not doing that at this time but information can sometimes be shaky.  Plus, another site specializes in misinformation.

When we’re wrong, we admit it and fix it and move on.


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