The Truth About NATLFED

August 6, 2012

There is no magical cure

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Recovery doesn’t “just magically happen” and bloggers of this topic have often been criticized for being crazy.  Maybe it’s just semantics.  All your point of view.

Someone has been following me since 2003.  Now that’s crazy.  No — seriously — since 2003.  A very real person with a very real agenda.  And despite what has been discussed in other forums, this person is no relative of mine.

Boo hoo, go away and leave me alone.  Go back to your beloved group that appears on cult watch lists.  Maybe you’re one of the ones siphoning off money intended for the leadership to build your own private retirement funds.  Hey, that’s true.  A married couple were doing just that despite having been with the group for so long.  They knew it was a sham when four other relatives abandoned the group, but rather than leave penniless they decided to milk it for all they could.

Even screwed their own kid in the process when they ripped off one of the rich Portland housewives a/k/a part-time VC.  The Old Man always said you couldn’t really be VC if you were part-time.  Married for how many years and hubby still doesn’t know you’re out to make the revolution?  But this person wanted to prove herself of value and the money to pay back taxes instead went to a private retirement account.

Lots of things to work through but know that you can get help.  And yes, manipulators will change or invent circumstances just to suit their agenda.  Apparently, I’ve been brainwashed and forgotten my family.  What?  Uh, oh yeah, a certain obituary that omitted a certain someone not written by me.  Well, either not related or someone is not exactly telling the entire story.

I was once beaten so badly that I ended up in a hospital for days.  Apparently, I deserved it.  Never again.


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