The Truth About NATLFED

July 25, 2012

You go, fella

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I was reading another blog where the artist described the hilarities of Oregon’s law regarding no self-service gas.  Yup, he’s right.  You cannot fill your own gas tank.  It’s illegal.  And where I live, we’re spitting distance from California and the attendants are constantly moving in — taking over for Californians who don’t quite grasp the legality of the situation.

Quick!  Call the gas police!

It’s also against the law to top off the tank.  At least this one has some sense (health hazard apparently for fuel attendants who top off tanks all day long for years and years and years…).  But damn, how the hell am I supposed to know how many gallons of gas my clunker can hold if I can’t top it off?  Especially when attendants are rushed and set the pump to fast fill?  When they’re slow on business and I ask for a slow fill, they’ll do it, and at least it gets to the “Full” line.  Otherwise, I drive out of the station and I’m only sitting at 3/4 of a tank.  Has to do with the sloshing tricking the thingamajigger into thinking it’s full.

Oh such highly technical vocabulary today.

Granted, this particular article has little to do with cults except to show that I have a personality.  It might be warped with a wacky sense of humor or just plain weird.

You can escape a dangerous cult.

I once talked about some of the greater escapes and since I’m joining in on a mockery of the no-self-serve-your-fuel-in-Oregon I may as well remind you of the persons who escaped by stealing the cars from the group.  More than most people realize.  Yet this is peanuts compared to those in the group who have managed to siphon off thousands of dollars into private retirement accounts, not really believing that the “great progressive change” will ever come.

The Old Man used to say you didn’t need social security, the Organization was your retirement.  How many former cadre are wishing they could cash in on that?  I mean, let’s face it, you work in a place for 20 years you’re usually eligible for retirement benefits but when you’re slave labor in a cult (excuse me, I mean ‘labor donated’) you’ve got nothing.

So feel a little radical and break the law.  Just try pumping your gas in Oregon.  Actually, it is kind of an okay law.  It guarantees a certain amount of jobs can be retained.  One person can’t really pump 30 cars at once so yes, the station does need to hire more.  But then again, we’re still sitting at $4 a gallon here.  Catch 22.

I like the new blog that I’m following.  The guy is hilarious!  And he’s nothing to do with the cult.  And he’s a far cry from the stuff I usually read like Verne, Heinlein, Blish, etc.  Oh, I’m a strange person.


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