The Truth About NATLFED

July 7, 2012

What of it, huh

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Getting close to 300 blog posts but not quite there yet.  The number of new subscribers is somewhat interesting.  You see, there is more to life than NATLFED.  The subject of manipulators is of interest to many, but the specificity of manipulators inside a cult a little narrow.  Still, if you build it they will come.

Another cult is making headlines these days.  Just because NATLFED lacks big name celebrities doesn’t mean it’s of little to no interest.  Certainly, those who lost family and friends find it of great interest.  The biggest “brush” with a celebrity didn’t even have much to do with NATLFED.  He was a contact belonging to Lee and CAPS; and quite frankly, didn’t seem to remember that at the infamous dinner with organizers.

I survived the hacking, although I have to admit it was a little harrowing.  This is why I don’t have interest in re-establishing an e-mail correspondence with a certain someone at the moment.  I put out the call, my account was hacked, I said, “Screw this.”  I can’t compete with a computer pro.

So to those of you that might have received the dirty e-mails, my apologies.  Be sure to delete them.  Don’t open them or at the very least do NOT click on the links.  They weren’t from me.

Some of you didn’t get them.  All for a certain guy came back daemon, now that’s an interesting concept right there.  Others were rejected automatically by the e-mail provider.  Yippee.  So now I have made it boring for the hacker.  Every contact deleted permanently from the address book; every sent and received message deleted permanently.  And yes, the ever important password change.

I read an interesting article on how to create super stupid passwords that no one ever seems to remember.  What, I can’t use, “Beerbelly76ounces” as a password?  Silly me.

So back to the subject matter at hand — what of groups that appear on cult watch lists?  And why am I such a horrible person for warning you about one?  Well, I am a horrible person…suggesting that you do a little research on that friendly little front doing nice things for poor people and talking about victories from over thirty years ago like it happened just yesterday.

It’s like my jaw dropped when I found out the thing in Texas was over in 1986 but having been inside the group there was NO sense of that.  If it’s over, why are they building support groups for it?  Seriously.  I hear that’s what they’re doing in Philly, or trying to do, or maybe that was a couple of years ago.

The Yahoo groups are reopening.  One, of course, is by invitation only.  No, not talking about the ones that someone else moderates.  I don’t much give a darn about them.  Oh, I’ll let you know they’re out there but I’ve no interest in participating.  I used to, many years ago.  Someone told me there are four Mary’s in the group.  The moderator should just ban them all.

I like how I’m really Mary.  If that’s true, the moderator should definitely ban all of them.


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