The Truth About NATLFED

July 4, 2012

So you think that’s funny?

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Exploiting poor people to fund private coffers is not funny.  I mean, let’s face it: you’re not smart enough to scam the rich like allegedly Mad Off did.  So you’re off exploiting poor people, taking them for every red cent you can get, crippling them in any way possible, and when they catch on to your schemes you turn around and say disgruntled.

There is a reason, or at least there used to be a reason, to organize using a structure that was a labor organization of a new type.  Well, now whatcha gonna do?  This “new type” no longer enjoys the status that it used to over twenty years ago.  It has been recognized, legalized, criteria applied to it, fits within the statutes so I guess you better start paying taxes.

A union needs your SSN.  This group wants it for what purpose?  There are not 42,000 members in Suffolk.  That was the rule, you see, every year you tacked on another 1,000 to the verbally stated count of your membership because, “If you are organizing the way you are supposed to, that is approximately how many new members a year you should be signing up.”  Of course, it wasn’t true.  Maybe sometimes true.

A little entity in the back forty would have issues, of course, when the membership base exceeded the total population.  Oh wait, you’re including the migrants coming through too…

Your issue with me won’t simply go away.  You stay with your beloved Organization and I will keep blogging.  You can read the cult watch lists and the various reports.  Oh wait, those are all lies too.


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