The Truth About NATLFED

July 1, 2012

Manipulators in NATLFED

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Doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a cult or not; manipulators are out there.  Usually referred to (behind their backs) as SOB’s, always self-absorbed in self-righteousness, they are always right.

Now, in the beginning days (I wasn’t there but I met the original founders) it probably was a true movement.  Yes, there are those who will dispute that, those who say it was a cult from Day One.  It took the biggest and baddest manipulative SOB of them all to turn it into something else.

The notion of turning one thing into something else is not alien to cadre.  There’s an entire lecture on it.

Whether or not a manipulator realized the potential when first joining, it’s hard to say.  Certainly, they found niches in power.  Some through their ability to recruit like breeding rabbits.  Others through sheer force of personality and bastardness — remember, there were a number of cadre at the higher echelon that never walked a picket line, never held a decorated coffee can in front of a grocery store, never organized a day in their life but still ended up in high-ranking positions.

The idea of making the revolution eventually became replaced with finding bodies and getting money.  Someone once disputed a claim of a wild shopping spree that happened on Fifth Avenue because he was there and it didn’t happen; well, others were there too and clearly remember the incident.  Organizing low-income workers wearing diamond earrings (yes, they make them in clip-on style too for those who don’t want to burn in hell for all eternity just for getting ears pierced) carrying name brand purses and wearing luxurious faux fur…seems a little contradictory.

Do as I say, not as I do.

Yup, don’t have your little romantic fling because it side tracks you from making the revolution.  I think we all know that sex was commonplace, some consensual and other times not.  A good friend used to joke about the “being comradely” briefing — an entire 45 minute briefing, delivered by an associate in the Politburo who was probably having a fling too.

You could still be right, quote Where to Begin or whatever document you wanted, if it flew in the face of what the manipulator wanted for his or her own personal gratification, you were still going to be wrong.  And if talking it didn’t “solve” the problem then screaming and beating certainly did.

We see the transfer from one type of abuse to another type.

What are your thoughts?


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