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June 28, 2012

Incredible cult escapes

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There is a difference between escaping a cult and being shunned out of a cult.  In one forum, primarily religious based former group members, shunning is the preferred method of getting rid of non-conformists.  “You are dead to me,” has a powerful impact on a victim.

But in a closed cult where you move in, sleep on the floor, eat with the group, etc. there can be some incredible cult escapes that become almost legendary.

I remember one such event of a woman who managed to steal a car from the brown stones and took off with her child.  The car was later found several states away.  It’s been driving me a bit crazy trying to remember which state, but it was far away from NY, abandoned at a train station.

There were at least three incidents where cadre in a single-person entity did pretty much the same thing.  That was a dark period when cadre depleted entities were left to fend for themselves.  Even a jump team consisted of two.  Rather than supporting the cadre, they were just left on their own and of course ended up stuck in the rut for years.

What they did?  Concentrated efforts on fundraising.  Said the hell with the recruitment.  Didn’t pay the bills.  When there was enough money, loaded up the donated car, drained the entity bank account and took off without a word.  It’s interesting the discussions on stealing of Organizational property.  Apparently, it’s okay if you’re trying to get out but it’s a damn shame if you heard someone else stole “the people’s money and/or resources” (hypocrites).

There was also a cadre who was assigned to housing at a supporter’s place who just flat out refused to return to the entity, taking off in an entity car and never again, that was the end.

One cadre escaped out of the fire escape from the 2A apartment after drenching the kitchen in bleach, driving out the other cadre assigned to dinner pick up, seizing the opportunity to escape.

How many entity cars (donated by supporters) were stolen?  It’s hard to say, not exactly a statistic that is widely figured.  How much money was stolen?  Resources?  etc.

So why did it happen?

For a variety of reasons.

What or how did escaping cadre justify it?

The Organization took everything away from them, so what was the harm?  Of course, it does show how 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for years at a time can change a person.

None of these little stories compare to the great scam perpetrated by one married couple that fleeced a community out of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of 20 years.   It’s not like four relatives assigned out of the National Office just grew wings and flew to the west coast; they had help.

This is not to belittle the quiet escapes of persons leaving in the middle of the night nor to cheapen the violent expulsions of those forced into psychiatric institutions, beaten and left on street corners, or just plain kicked out of the door.

Some of the original founders that left didn’t just do so by walking out the door with nothing in their pockets, either.  One was fortunate, as he maintained contact with his colleagues over the years and was able to get help getting re-established.

There is one story of a woman who left with allegedly having forged a bunch of checks amounting to close to a million dollars.  This, of course, is false.  The Old Man was so bitter at her departure, such a great sense of betrayal, that the story was fabricated to prevent her returning.

This is just an aspect that might interest some readers.


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